Wooden chair

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 In my next task I created a wooden chair for Unity engine.


  • LOD


  • 3D model

    3D model

  • Chair


  • Chair Uv Flattern

    Chair Uv Flattern

  • LOD
  • 3D model
  • Chair
  • Chair Uv Flattern


To keep my skills and training up I decided to create a new object. I choose to create a simple wooden chair for Unity engine. I am happy to provide this model to anyone willing to use it for any purpose. This model is created as a base rendermesh with two LOD models to achieve efficient resource handling while using this model in any Unity project.



♦ This is a simple wooden chair with a red fabric.
 Model contains 3530 polys / 1773 verts.
 Model also contains additional 2 level LOD setup with -33% of polys / verts per each level.
 Texture is 1024 PO2, diffuse and normal-map.
 There are no collisions set.
 Model contains simple script for showcase rotation.
 Original model is included.

 You can download the Unity package containing all the stuff right away! Enjoy!


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