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This is a small, mysterious game I am continuously working on to find out how hard it is to create a game itself. And it is hard! I do this for fun, self education, brain training and to constantly torture everyone person I know with requests for bugtesting >:C (*no kidding*)... With dedication for my friends xD


  • Boxes


  • Walkway


  • Boxes
  • Walkway



How to play:


  • Please verify recommended HW specs    
  • Download game (support is optional):



  • Unpack files off downloaded .ZIP archive wherever you like, then run the game by it's main executable (Sarah.exe). When asked to install Unreal Engine 4 Prerequisities, select yes (game won't run without these)




  • "WASD" to move
  • "SPACE" to jump
  • Hold "LSHIFT" to crouch (animation is not finished)
  • Hold "LALT" button to sprint
  • Press "MOUSE SCROLL" to turn head flashlight on/off
  • Please press "Q button" instead of "ESC button" for in-game menu (temporary for development)
  • Try to find rest of keypads :3


Let's Play Sarah:

          by iwanPlays



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